Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Root (2013) Latinbeat 2014

Beautiful must see on a BIG screen film follows a young woman on the road who helps a 9 year old  try to find his father in the country side of Chile.

That description is kind of right and kind of wrong there is way more going on with the film being more about the inner life of the characters and their transformations instead of the actual journey. To be honest short of me telling you the story any short description of the plot isn't going to do the film justice.

The pleasure of the film is watching the images the director throws at us. A stunningly beautiful film this is one to see on the biggest screen possible. However not only are the images of the landscape breathtaking they act as a kind of Greek Chorus giving subtle visual clues to the state of the characters.

Its a masterful work and definitely worth checking out at the festival.

Root played on July 12 and plays tomorrow the 16th. For tickets and more information go to the Latinbeat website.

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