Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chain of Evidence (1956)

Complicated Bill Elliott mystery story doesn't become a murder mystery until about a third of the way into the film. For much of the running time the film is the story of Steve, an ex-con trying to go straight. When he's ambushed on the first day of freedom he develops amnesia. Detective Doyle (Bill Elliot) is a friend of Steve's and he tries to run down what happened to him, especially after it appears he may have been killed. Actually he's gone off and managed to get himself a couple of jobs under a new name, one of which is at the home of a rich man. The man's wife and her lover provoke Steve into fighting with his boss, they use it as an opportunity for murder with Steve as the patsy.

Very good solid crime story, it's not really a mystery since we know who done it, is the sort of thing that would end up on TV once the crime dramas went to an hour. This is the sort of thing that would fit nicely into almost any of the police procedurals that dot the various TV stations. While the quality of the story makes for an entertaining evening, it's simple one hour running time and similarity to what you could get on TV doomed the series long run...

...on the other hand as part of the five film Bill Elliot release from Warner Archive it makes for compulsive watching. Worth your time and money.

As for me I can't believe there's only one more to go...

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