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Nightcap 7/6/14 - We interrupt the festival coverage for a couple of brief announcements, links, non-Asian films and more things to see at...NYAFF

A great action film you should see when it plays NYAFF
Taking a break from all the New York Asian Film festival stuff to sprinkle in a few tidbits-
When NYAFF ends Thursday at Lincoln Center (the festival moves to the Japan Society and The Asia Society for four more days) the Walter Reade will be given over to Latinbeat 2014, their look at Latin American films.  Out coverage starts Thursday with one film and then picks up the following week with five more.  Coverage will run concurrent to the end of NYAFF and Japan Cuts.

For details on the Latinbeat series you can go to the festival website here.
Cheat sheet of more films to see at NYAFF and JAPAN CUTS
The Korean short films -there are some winners here but sadly they are booked at the Asia Society against Lincoln Center and Japan Society. .Go and be some of the few to see them- trust me you want to go.
APOLITICAL ROMANCE-the director of the Braid makes a wonderful romance
WOOD JOB!- you know where its going but who the hell cares when it's this good?
GREAT PASSAGE- Great film about people making a dictionary (No really its wonderful)
While I have been largely watching NYAFF and Japan cuts films the last couple of weeks I have been slipping in a few here and there from other places. Some will end up with fill reviews after the festival and others will never be mentioned.

There are also a couple that I just want to mention in passing-

I saw ROBOCOP again. I mention it because several friends saw it after I raved about it and were disappointed. I still like the film a great deal.

NEIGHBORS, the Zac Efron Seth Rogan was better than I thought. It is exactly what I thought it was going to be but I kind of liked it.

I don't get THINK LIKE A MAN TOO. Then again I didn't get the first one.

Sometimes a film is wrecked in the editing and you can assume that the cast took for reasons that never made it to the screen. I have no idea why BLENDED was made since it's clear from the start the script was terrible. I'm guessing it was a promised trip to where ever that had people signing up.  Does Adam Sandler actually have people writing his scripts or is it just a bunch of monkeys flinging poo at a typewriter?

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS never moved me. Yea you feel the tragedy at the start but its beautiful people pretending to be sick. And if you don't know how it ends at the start you need to get out and see more more movies and read more books.

Could someone seriously disfigure Seth MacFarlane so he never appears on screen again? He wrecked his A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST by his in ability to be anything other than Seth MacFarlane. Yes the script is nothing more than a riff on his Family Guy style(who said one trick ponies can't have long careers?) but his screen presence is bland. Watch how good the real actors like Charlize Theron are around him.  Hopefully this kills his on screen career...

And now ending with a bow or in this case links from Randi

INTERNETS OWN BOY on line for free
McDonalds hacks Passover
Roger Ebert's most Surprising best movie picks
Trailer for the new Studio Ghibli film
Trippy 3D painting
Lost footage from Ralph Bakshi's Lord of the Rings
MLB pays tribute to Lou Gehrig and his farewell speech

And check back later for a report on today at NYAFF.

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