Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nightcap 7/27/14 Sound and Vision is this week,and some other stuff...

Thursday at Lincoln Center they are beginning their second Sound + Vision series of music films. The series, scheduled to run until August 6, is a mix of concert films and music documentaries on artists from around the world. I’ve seen four of the newer films and we have looks at South African protest music, a Japanese didgeridoo played, rock duo from Mexico and a rocker from the wilds of Pennsylvania. I’ve also seen Stop Making Sense, which is being screened with David Byrne in attendance.

It’s a wonderful way to discover some new favorite music and highly recommended. Reviews will be running through the week so keep watching.

For tickets and a complete list of films go to the festival page here.
You may have noticed that I’ve gone off plan and just run Fantasia reviews this weekend. I’m sorry for mucking you up, but stuff happens. Not to worry, I’ll be back on plan starting tomorrow as we run a week of animated film reviews that have been kicking around for the better part of a year- no really I had this suckers scheduled pretty much 7 other times in the past year (In one review I refered to my three year old niece- the trouble is she's now a year older so I had to update it). I’m not moving them again so expect the kid stuff to crash into more Fantasia reviews, Sound + Vision reviews and  a few new release reviews as well.

On the plus side I have managed to maintain my only seeing things I want to see stance by doing just that with the Fantasia titles and a couple of new releases that I genuinely want to see for themselves.

Shhhhh-a trailer for a must see at Fantasia
A couple of weeks back John, Bully and myself saw the Riff Trax SHARKNADO performance. It was one of the best shows that the boys ever did. They made a pretty awful, funny on its own wretched terms film even funnier. If they ever release it to home video see it.
The Film Society is screening every film John Waters ever made and a few he wish he had. Waters will be there for several screenings so I highly recommend going. Details can be found here.
And Now Randi's Links

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