Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NYAFF 2014 Mini Review- MAY WE CHAT 2013

With this year's New York Asian Film Festival there are a couple of films that we've seen, and which because of time issues we can't get a full length  up before the festival screenings. In order to give you some word before the film screens I'm going to run mini reviews so you  can make up you're own mind .

One of Mondocurry's must see of the festival  has three girls in Hong Kong going through life connected by their smart phones and chatting apps. All go through life unaware of the danger that is creeping around them. However when the darkness comes calling and one of the girls goes missing everyone is forced to ponder what they have gotten themselves into.  Far from typical slice of teen life film is a good antidote to the wild comedies and action films we think of as coming from Hong Kong,this is a dark little slice of hell. Life clearly isn't all skittles and beer.

The film plays tomorrow at the film festival and is worth a look for those who want to talk a walk on the wild side.

For tickets and more information go to the Lincoln Center website

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